Fundamentos de la Literatura Norteamericana
Session 2018-2019


1. Literary Culture in the Colonies
2. Puritan Writings and Life
3. Revolution and the Republic
4. Washingon Irving and J.F. Cooper
5. Edgar Allan Poe
6.T ranscendentalism
7. Nathaniel Hawthorne
8. Herman Melville
9. Emily Dickinson
10.Walt Whitman
11.Mark Twain
12. Kate Chopin
General Bibliography


9.- Emily Dickinson. 

Subject of discussion to be presented in class:
   - Influential Roles in Dickinson’s Life.
   - Dickinson’s Poetic Craft.
All these bibliographical references can be found at the Universidad de La Laguna 
Central Library (Guajara Campus):
- Bianchi, Martha D. Emily Dickinson: Face to Face. Archon, 1970.
- Bingham, Millicent T. Ancestors Brocades: The Literary Discovery of Emily Dickinson.
The Editing and Publication of Her Letters and Poems. New York: Dover, 1967.
- Borus, Audrey. A Student's Guide to Emily Dickinson. Berkeley Heights: Enslow, 2005.
- Deppman, Jed. Trying to Think with Emily Dickinson. Amherst: U of Massachusetts P,
- Gardner, Thomas. A Door Ajar: Contemporary Writers and Emily Dickinson. Oxford:
Oxford UP, 2006.
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