Literatura Norteamericana: Realismo Social y Generación Beat
Session 2016-2017




1. Modern American Literature: An Appreciation.
2. Social Perception and Human Nature in Robert Frost’s Poetry.
3. Realism, World War I, and Dramatic Monologues: T.S. Eliot. 
4. Southern Social History in William Faulkner’s Fiction.
5. Ernest Hemingway’s Textuality and Social Issues. 
6. The 1950s Consciousness: Flannery O’Connor.
7. Realism, Objectivism, and Visualization: Marianne Moore.
8. Physical Realism and Spiritual World: Theodore Roethke.
9. Black Mountain Poetry: Robert Creeley.
10. Confessionalism: Sylvia Plath. 
11. Beat Poetry: Gary Snyder.
12. New Social American Drama. Tennessee Williams.
13. Avant-Pop Fiction and Cyberpunk Fiction: Kathy Acker.
14. Recent American Poetry: Ron Silliman.



13. Avant-Pop Fiction and Cyberpunk Fiction: Kathy Acker 
    Text: Some excerpts from  “Don Quixote.” 

For discussion in class:
    - Cyberpunk and the Corporate Power
    - Don Quixote as Disjunctive Strategy

Some related bibliography at the Universidad de La Laguna Central  Library, Guajara Campus:  

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Recommended web sites on Kathy Acker:

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