Literatura Norteamericana: Realismo Social y Generación Beat
Session 2021-2022


1. Modern American Literature 
2.Twentieth-Century Realism
3. Progressive Criticism
4. The Depression Years
5. Chicago Renaissance
6. Cultural Hedonism in the 1950s
7. Psychology and Realism in the 1950s
8. Black American Poetry
9. The Beat Generation
10. Realism: American Drama
11. Late Twentieth-Century Fiction
12. Late Twentieth-Century Poetry
General Bibliography


2. Twentieth-Century Realism in Content and Purpose.
       - Foreshadowing Social Attitudes of 20th-century American Poetry: Edwin Markham.
                              -  Text: “The Man with a Hoe.”:
       - Technique of Characterization: Edwin Arlington Robinson.
                              -  Text: “Mr Flood’s Party.”

Subjects of discussion to be presented in class:
   - Edwin Markham: Labor, Social Oppression.
   - Edwin Arlington Robinson: Characterization, Attitude toward Religion, and Language. 

All these bibliographical references can be found at the Universidad de La Laguna Central
Library, Guajara Campus:
- Gregory, Horace and Marya Zaturenska. "Joaquin Miller, Edwin Marham, George Sterling."
            A History of American Poetry, 1900-1940. New York: Gordian, 1969. 44-58.
- Rosenthal, M.L. "Robinson and Frost." The Modern Poets: A Critical Introduction. New York:
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- Shucard, Alan, Fred Moramarco, and William Sullivan. "On the Twentieth Century: Edwin Arlington Robinson,
            Robert Frost, and the Harlem Renaissance." Modern American Poetry 1865-1950.
            Amherst: U of Massachussetts P, 1989. 32-64.
- Trachtenberg, Alan. "Democracy and the Poet: Walt Whitman and E.A. Robinson."
            The Massachussetts Review 39.2 (Summer 1998): 267-280. 

 Recommended Edwin Markham web site:

 Recommended Edwin Arlington Robinson web site:

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