Literatura Norteamericana: Realismo Social y Generación Beat
Session 2021-2022


1. Modern American Literature 
2.Twentieth-Century Realism
3. The Depression Years
4. Progressive Criticism
5. Chicago Renaissance
6. Cultural Hedonism in the 1950s
7. Psychology and Realism in the 1950s
8. Black Mountain Poetry
9. The Beat Generation
10. Realism: American Drama
11. Late Twentieth-Century Fiction
12. Late Twentieth-Century Poetry
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This course will take substantial account of the socio-cultural context in the U.S. in the 20th century,
and its impact on literature. It will focus on a wide-ranging variety of literary texts and use them
to explore methods of writing and interpreting modern and contemporary American society.
Also an emphasis on the interrelation of language, social context, and thought. Nine American writers
will be particularly discussed. Lectures will set the appropriate context in socio-cultural and literary
histories. Along with it discussions intended to develop the student's ability to read, understand
and evaluate the proposed texts.. Students are encouraged to attend classes and to use the bibliographic
resources at the  Central Library. Further information on the teaching guide for this subject, please visit
As an additional note, students should check the English Department's “Announcement
for Lectures” for a list of lectures given by visiting scholars concerning this field of study.
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