Literatura Norteamericana: Realismo Social y Generación Beat
Session 2021-2022


1. Modern American Literature 
2.Twentieth-Century Realism
3. Progressive Cristism
4. The Depression Years
5. Chicago Renaissance
6. Cultural Hedonism in the 1950s
7. Psychology and Realism in the 1950s
8. Black Mountain Poetry
9. The Beat Generation
10. Realism: American Drama
11. Late Twentieth-Century Fiction
12. Late Twentieth-Century Poetry
General Bibliography


11. Recent American Poetic Tendencies. Lyn Hejinian.
    -  Text: Some excerpts from My Life.

Subjects of discussion to be presented in class:
Discussion for class: 
   - Lyn Hejinian’s Deconstructed Autobiography. 
All these bibliographical references can be found at ULL Central Library, Guajara Campus: 
- Dworkin, Craig. “Parting with Description.” American Women Poets in the Twenty-First Century
   Ed. Claudia Rankine and Juliana Spahr. Middletown: Wesleyan UP, 2002. 242-265. 
- Dworkin, Craig Douglas. “Penelope Reworking the Twill: Patchwork, Writing, and Lyn Hejinian’s My Life.”
   Contemporary Literature 36.1 (Spring 1995): 58-80. 
- Spahr, Juliana. “Resignifying Autobiography: Lyn Hejinian’s My Life.” American Literature  68.1
   (March 1996): 139-159. 
- Simpson, Megan. “Language-Oriented Feminist Epistemology, and the Case of Lyn Hejinian.” Poetic
   Epistemologies: Gender and Knowing in Women’s Language-Oriented Writing. New York: State U of New
   York P, 2000. 1-29. 
Recommended web sites for Lyn Hejinian: 


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