Literatura Norteamericana: Realismo Social y Generación Beat
Session 2019-2020


1.Modern American Literature: An Appreciation.
2. Social Perception and Human Nature in Robert Frost’s Poetry.
3. Allusive Methods and Dramatic Monologues in T.S. Eliot's Realism
4. Southern Social History in William Faulkner’s Fiction.
5. Ernest Hemingway's Textuality and Reality
6. The 1950s Consciousness in Flannery O’Connor
7. Realism, Objectivism, and Visualization
in Marianne Moore.
8. Physical and Social Urges in Theodore Roethke.
9. Black Mountain Poetry and  Robert Creeley.
10. Confessionalism  in the 1950s America and  Sylvia Plath
11.The Beat Generation and  Gary Snyder.
12. New Social American Drama and Tennessee Williams
13. Avant-Pop, Cyberpunk Fiction, and Kathy Acker.
14. Recent American Poetry and  Ron Silliman.

General Bibliography


8. Physical and Social Urges in Theodore Roethke.
 - Text: “Orchids.”

Subjects of discussion to be presented in class:
     - Roethke’s Sense of Oneness.
     - The Greenhouse as a World of Growth.
All these bibliographical references can be found at the Universidad de La Laguna
Central Library (Guajara Campus):

- Kunitz, Stanley. Roethke: Poet of Transformations. Contemporary Poetry
    in America: Essays        and Interviews. Ed. Robert Boyers. New York: 
     Schocken, 1974. 99-109.
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    Roethke, Kunitz, and Moraga.Style 47.1 (Spring 2013): 479 499.
Please, visit these sites for further information on Theodore Roethke:
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