Bruce Andrews Dennis Barone
Tom Beckett
Steve Benson
Charles Bernstein
Clark Coolidge
Javier Coy
Robert Creeley
Maria Damon
Daniel Davidson
Alan Davies
Ray Di Palma
Clayton Eshleman
Jerry Estrin
Benjamin Friedlander
Peter Ganick
Allen Ginsberg
Peter Gizzi
Carla Harryman
Lyn Hejinian
Adeena Karasick
Andrew Levy
Tan Lin
Karen Mac Cormack
Jackson Mac Low Michael
Tom Mandel
Bernadette Mayer
Steve McCaffery
Laura Moriarty
Gil Ott
Nick Piombino
Larry Price
George Quasha
Stephen Ratcliffe
Tom Raworth
Kit Robinson
Jerome Rothenberg
Leslie Scalapino Spencer Selby Ron Silliman Jack Spicer
 Craig Watson Rosmarie
Barrett Watten The Canary Islands Connection:
60 Contemporary American Poets

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