Fundamentos de la Literatura Norteamericana
Session 2022-2023


1. Literary Culture in the Colonies.
  - Mary Rowlandson.
2. The Puritan Background: Writings.
   - Anne Bradstreet.
3. Revolution and the Republic.
   - Philip Freneau.
   - Benjamin Franklin.
4. The Early Prominence of American Literature:
    - Washington Irving.
    - James Fenimore.
    - Edgar Allan Poe.
5. The American Renaissance.
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    -  Henry David Thoreau.
    - Nathaniel Hawthorne.
    - Herman Melville.
6. New American Verse in the 19th Century.
    - Emily Dickinson.
    - Walt Whitman.
7. Late 19th-Century American Fiction.
    - Mark Twain.
    .-Kate Chopin.

General Bibliography


                 NEW AMERICAN VERSE IN THE 19th-CENTURY 

                                      WALT WHITMAN

Subject of discussion in class:
   - Whitman’s Impulse to Write: Democracy.
All these bibliographical references can be found at the Universidad de La Laguna 
Central Library (Guajara Campus):
- Clarke, Graham. Walt Whitman. The Poem as Private History. North Common Chailey: 
Vision, 1991.
- Pease, Donald. "Walt Whitman." The Columbia History of American Poetry. Ed. Jay Parini.
New York: Columbia UP, 1993. 148-171.
- Snediker, Michael. "Whitman on the Verge: Or the Desires of Solitude." Arizona Quarterly
61.3 (Autumn 2005): 27-56.
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