Literatura Norteamericana: Realismo Social y Generación Beat
Session 2022-2023


 Social Perception and Human Nature.

2.  Allusive Methods and Dramatic Realism.

3.  Southern Social History.

4.  Textuality and Social Issues. 

5.  The 1950s Consciousness in American Fiction.

6.  Realism, Objectivism, and Visualization.

7.  Social Urges and Spiritual World.

8.  New Social Approach in the 1950s American Poetry.

9.  Confessionalism and Society in America.

10. Beat Poetry.

11. New Social American Drama.

12. After the Beat Poetry: Some Social Concerns.

General Bibliography


11. New Social American Drama: Tennessee Williams.
  Text:  The Glass Menagerie.

Subjects of discussion to be presented in class:
          - Tennessee Williams’ Tragic Social  Vision.

All these bibliographical references can found at the ULL Central Library, Guajara Campus): 

- Bigsby, Christopher. “Tennessee Williams.” The Cambridge History of American
    Literature. Vol. 7. Ed. Sacvan Bercovitch. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1999. 10-19.
- Pettit, Alexander. “Tennessee Williams’s ‘Serious Comedy’: Problems of Genre
   and Sexuality in (and After) Period of Adjustment.” Philological Quarterly  91.1
    (Winter 2012): 97 119.
- Schroeder, Patricia R.  “Legitimizing the Bastard Child: Two New Looks at American
    Drama.” American Literary History 3.2 (Summer 1991): 420-427.

Recommended web sites on Tennesssee Williams:
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