Fundamentos de la Literatura Norteamericana
Session 2018-2019


1. Literary Culture in the Colonies
2. Puritan Writings and Life
3. Revolution and the Republic
4. Washingon Irving and J.F. Cooper
5. Edgar Allan Poe
6.T ranscendentalism
7. Nathaniel Hawthorne
8. Herman Melville
9. Emily Dickinson
10.Walt Whitman
11.Mark Twain
12. Kate Chopin
General Bibliography


This part of the course is designed to introduce students to American literature, ranging from
the 17th century  to late 19th century. We will examine particular currents of thought and feeling
of different authors that have led to the formation of the modern sensibility, recognizing that our
contemporary view of  the world has developed from earlier perspectives that must be understood
if our culture is to thrive. Class discussions focus on issues and questions that may be raised during
the examination in relation  to the assigned texts. Students are encouraged to attend classes and
to use the bibliographic resources at the  Central Library. Further information on grades can be
found at:
As an additional note, students should check the English Department's “Announcement for
Lectures” for a list of lectures given by visiting scholars concerning this field of study. 
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