Literatura Norteamericana: Realismo Social y Generación Beat
Session 2023-2024




1. Modern American Literature: An Appreciation.
2.  Southern Social History in William Faulkner’s Fiction.
3. Ernest Hemingway’s Textuality and Social Issues.
4. Reality in Wallace Stevens. 
5. Afro-American Appeals: Langston Hughes.
6. Cultural Hedonism: E.E. Cummings.
7. The 1950s Consciousness: Flannery O'Connor.
8. Jewishness in the 1950s: Bernard Malamud.
9. Black  Mountain Poetry.

10. The Beat Generation: An Approach.
11. Confessionalism: Anne Sexton.
12.  New Social American Drama: Edward Albee.
13.Postmodernism in America: Donald Barthelme.
14. Recent American Poetry: Charles Bernstein.




11. Beat Poetry and the New America: Allen Ginsberg.
   - Texts: Some excerpts from "Howl” 

Subjects of discussion to be presented in class:
   - The Beat Movement: National and Urban Phenomenon. 
   - Ginsberg's Strategy: Sources in His Poetry. 
All these bibliographical references can be found at the ULL Central Library,
    Guajara Campus): 

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Recommended web sites for the Beat Poets, and Allen Ginsberg: 
      - On the Beat Poets:

       - Allen Ginsberg: 
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